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Last October, in partnership with Oklahoma City-County Health Department, the YMCA OF GREATER OKLAHOMA CITY launched the OK5210 health awareness campaign. This campaign seeks to encourage people to get more physically active, reduce screen time, eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink more water.

To support our efforts to encourage a 5210 lifestyle, the Y is partnering with the local chapter of the Sierra Club and Transition OKC to bring TapIt to Oklahoma City. In launching OK5210, we found another organization also committed to the health and well being of individuals - namely around the consumption of water. TapIt water bottle refilling network is a nationwide network of cafes and eateries that let you fill your reusable bottle with tap water.


  • TapIt is a simple concept to get Oklahomans to drink more water while reducing reliance on bottled drinks that would otherwise end up in our landfills and streets.
  • The Y wishes to advance the message environmentalists and public health advocates have been spreading for years around the importance of drinking more water for a healthy body, mind, and environment.
  • The Y volunteers have, thus far, registered twenty local cafes, eateries, and coffee shops as the first TapIt locations in Oklahoma. Additionally, all Y locations in the Oklahoma City metro area will also become TapIt locations and allow anyone in the community access to drinking water. People can refill any reusable water bottle at participating locations for free and regardless of whether or not a purchase is made from that business.


You can find all nationwide locations at TapIt’s website, mobile website, or iPhone application.

All TapIt locations will be designated with a TapIt sticker and flyer near the entrance of the establishment as well.

The Ys motivation to partner with TapIt is simple: (a) improve access to water, (b) influence our behaviors so that we stay hydrated, alert, and energized all day, and (c) assist in efforts to improve our environment.

TapIt will launch in Oklahoma City June 15, 2013 with the distribution of 2,500 FREE reusable water bottles to the community. Y locations can be found on the website The Y expects to continue to grow the Oklahoma City TapIt network over the next several years.

If you have additional questions about TapIt, the Y, or how to become a TapIt location, please email Angela Jones, Director of Health and Wellness Initiatives at the YMCA OF GREATER OKLAHOMA CITY, at


  • Be a role model – drink water throughout the day
  • Serve water or low fat milk at meals. If it’s around, they will drink it.
  • Give everyone a water bottle to take to school or work and refill it often
  • Make sweetened drinks a treat rather than an everyday choice
  • Try to not keep sweetened drinks around the house. If it’s around, they will drink it.
  • Water is the best choice during and after physical activity. Try not to drink sports drinks except for high intensity activity for long periods.

The Scoop on Juice Drinks

Fruit drinks include POG, guava drinks, orangeades, and fruit punch. Some might have a bit of real juice but most have lots of added sugars and chemicals. The chemicals include fruit flavorings and artificial colors. 100% fruit juices are made from real fruits. A small amount of 100% fruit juice, about a half-cup a day, is okay for most children. But all juice drinks, including 100% juice, contain lots of sugar and calories. Think about serving water and actual fruits instead.

What’s in a can of soda?

Did you know that 1 can of soda has about 150 calories and 40 grams of sugar. This is equal to about 10 packets of sugar. Drinking an extra can of soda every day for a year, without burning it off through physical activity, will lead to 54,750 extra calories or about 15 pounds of weight gain each year.